Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making My Way to Jerusalem

I said goodbye to Ayelet and her three kids this morning, as they went back to school after Passover vacation and Ari drove me to the train station in Nahariya. Heading toward Tel Aviv and eventually to Jerusalem in order to attend the regular Friday afternoon protest at Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem and get that fix that only Shabbat slowly edging its way into Jerusalem gives me. More on Jerusalem and the protests in another post. In the meantime, I want to put in a plug for the Israeli rail system. Clean, comfortable, with outlets to charge mobile and laptops. Great way to move around the country.

Last night we had a conference call for the J Street mission and our itinerary is coming into focus and keeps getting fuller. I'm eager to meet everyone in our delegation. I have a very important meeting set for the start of the mission that was somehow left off of the official agenda -- a drink on the balcony at the King David with one of the J Street organizers, and anyone else who cares to join.

But the most important news of the day is that it is my Ari's 14th birthday today. Can't wait to give her a big birthday hug and kiss (and see that second and last ear piercing she got yesterday) when I get home!

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