Friday, January 6, 2012

Details emerge on Gurvitz investigation

Haaretz runs it down, but essentially Gurvitz wrote in a blog post that armed Israelis including settlers are legitimate targets of the Palestinian military operations:

According to the article:
Gurvitz wrote that there are situations, “In which violence is required and justified, such as resistance to invasion or occupation. However, it is necessary to limit violence to people in combat roles or those who carry weapons, whether they are in uniform or not.”
This paragraph, together with Gurvitz’s response to a reader “talkback” on another blog post he published a few days earlier, are what led the organization to make the official complaint against Gurvitz. The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel claimed that, in response to the talkback, Gurvitz wrote that thesettlers are, “A legitimate target for Palestinian military operations.”
If that's incitement, what the hell is this: 

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