Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heckuva a Job Yuval!

Not sure whether Israel's Finance Minister, Yuval Steinitz, is completely tone deaf or if he's decided he's finished anyway. Pretty sure this is not what the 150,000 Israelis protesting last night in the streets wanted to hear when they woke up this morning:
"We see the talk about the debt crisis in Europe. We are even hearing talk of a possible default in the United States," Steinitz said. "My supreme duty is to ensure we do not reach this situation in the State of Israel."
"We will not part with our principles. We will not create anarchy here," Steinitz told reporters. "We will attend to (market) concentration but we will not turn the rich and the business people and the investors and the industrialists into the enemies of the people, because they are part of a healthy economy."
 This may have been what Yonathan meant when he wrote yesterday about speaking the "old language."

Update: It's being reported that Steinitz is going to lead the negotiations with the protestors. A suggestion to Steinitz: not sure those in the street last night want to hear about your principles or the European debt crisis.

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