Monday, July 11, 2011

The Word is "Unconstitutional"

As the crazy right in Israel continues to try to do away with the democratic character of the state, the translators at Ynet may as well learn now. The preferred term is "unconstitutional."

Knesset votes in favor of 'boycott bill'

Controversial bill which calls for imposing sanctions against anyone declaring embargo on Israel garners 47 ayes, 38 nays. Human rights groups to file High Court appeal, say new law anti-constitutional
Is it any wonder members of the Knesset warmed up by welcoming Glenn Beck? I'm sure MK Danny Danon was one of those lining up outside that Jerusalem Pizza Hut 20 or so years ago. If any of my Israeli friends can point me to a video skewering Danny Danon ala Jon Stewart, it'd be much appreciated.

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