Sunday, August 14, 2011

J14 meets S20

I've been wrestling with the question of whether a movement calling for social justice can succeed when it chooses not to confront the occupation. I suppose answering that question depends on how the J14 movement defines its objectives. (J14 stands for July 14, the date Daphne Leef set up her tent on Rothschild Avenue, marking the beginning of the movement.)

But consider this, how will the movement respond if on September 20 tens of thousands of Palestinians come out in the streets demanding an end to the occupation, as they are apparently planning? And what if some of them or a lot of them march under the banner of "social justice"?

Saeb Erekat has denied reports that the Palestinians are backing away from September 20, saying they have reached a point of no return. In light of Bibi's posture, maybe he means it. (I remain skeptical.)

I have zero confidence in the Netanyahu government being able to direct traffic at the tzomet (junction) of J14 and S20. Perhaps Bibi is counting on using S20 to split and defeat the J14 movement. But I really wonder if it is even on his map.

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