Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick note to my friends in Israel

I know you're all busy trying to hold your country together right now. But you may have heard about this guy Glenn Beck. (Or as I mistakenly read his name in Hebrew -- Galan Bak -- when an Israeli friend of mine wrote me, seemingly endorsing his views. My head almost exploded as it dawned on me who she was writing about, giving rise to this post. Apologies in advance. Morgan Fairchild in the 80's, I could almost understand. Almost. Granted, there are a lot of things about the 80's that are embarrassing. But really, Pizza Hut?)

Or maybe you haven't heard, which is just as well. His lunatic ravings are well documented, not the least of which was this rant against the hundreds of thousands taking part in the J14 demonstrations. Anyway, he's one of these extreme right wing nutjobs we seem to be in no short supply of in the US and he's hosting a rally in Jerusalem on Wednesday, August 24, called "Restoring Courage." Two requests. First, don't go. Second, if you have time, attend the counter demonstration organized by Peace Now.

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