Monday, August 1, 2011

Will Bibi play his trump card?

With the protestors digging in their heels, Bradley Burston asked the question this morning, calling "peace" Netanyahu's trump card. Israel Radio is now reporting that Netanyahu has agreed to negotiate a possible withdrawal to pre-1967 borders. Reuters is out with a similar report. However these reports shake out, the next two months are not going to be boring. A word of warning - there will be plenty of head fakes and false reports, but if you turn away, you may just miss the real thing. And be sure to go on record! (Pssst, that's what the comments are for.)


  1. The protestors are not Netanyahu supporters one way or the other. His supporters are the people who would likely be in the streets with equal or greater force were he to make a bold move for peace. I'd like to be optimistic, but I don't think Bibi has much wiggle room on this. What Israel needs is a government without religious or nationalist party support.

  2. Not sure the streets can hold everyone! Bibi may have sent a trial balloon with the initial report. But I haven't seen any denials either. With the pressure in Israel building on several fronts there could be motivation and opportunity for a bold move, one way or the other.