Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey, I just said that, Part Deux

Yesterday I made the point that Obama was not anti-Israel. In fact, I think I called people who think otherwise idiots. Yup, I just checked. In support of my ad hominem attack on idiots, I linked to a video of a former Mossad head showering praise on our president for bringing the embassy crisis in Cairo to a successful end. Well, this morning, following a GOP win in NY's 9th Cong. Dist., which is being read by some as evidence of Obama's Israel (Jewish) problem, the NY Times editorial page argues that Obama has demonstrated his pro-Israel chops:
Mr. Obama has repeatedly affirmed support for Israel and backed it up with action. He has had far more success than President George W. Bush in rallying tough sanctions on Iran. Security cooperation is strong, including accelerated development and funding for an Israeli missile defense system. The administration pressured Egypt last weekend to protect Israel’s diplomats in Cairo, and it negotiated an agreement to ease tensions with Turkey over the Gaza aid flotilla, until Israel pulled out of the deal.
Now, Mr. Obama is risking American ties with a fast-changing Arab world by vowing to veto the Palestinians’ statehood bid at the United Nations. The president supports a two-state solution but rightly believes that can be achieved only through negotiations.
Those who are out there peddling the notion that Obama is anti-Israel really don't want a two-state solution. They are also idiots.

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