Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hebrew University Professor Emerita Galia Golan, in a piece entitled "Do We Really Want Peace," recounts Israel's missed opportunities and pegs the settlements as the main obstacle to peace. Here are the first and last graphs:
I accuse the government of Israel (several of them) not only of failing to provide its citizens with their socioeconomic rights but also of failing to provide its citizens with security.
Would [peace] work? Would it last forever? Is it a gamble? Maybe, but what is not a gamble, but rather a sure thing is the following: Rockets from the south, at some point rockets from the north, a renewed Intifada and terrorism from the east and inside, to say nothing of political and maybe even economic isolation in the world. This is the “security” the government is promising us.
Nothing really new here. This is pedestrian stuff in the Israeli media. This op-ed was published on Ynet, not the "arch-liberal" Haaretz. And while in a certain respect it's entirely beside the point, in another it's entirely relevant - I can only imagine the backlash from the Jewish community if this had been published in the Chicago Tribune. I, too, accuse.

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