Saturday, September 3, 2011

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Watching the March of the Million right now and wondering where this is headed. 67,000 in Tel-Aviv according to the scroll. Wondering if this was just a summer fling. Wondering if this was just a good diversion from the "matzav." Wondering if this was just a big rave with great music. But mostly wondering what kind of a revolution doesn't bring down the government. 80,000 now in Tel-Aviv.

I know that the cornerstone of building support for the movement and turning out hundreds of thousands of people is the claim that this not political, meaning not politically partisan.106,000. And I know a succession of  governments is responsible for the current situation.10,000 in Jerusalem. But there is only one government in power now.  133,000 in TA. And Bibi's plan seems to be waiting them out.

You say you want a revolution? Bring down the government or don't bring down the tents.

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