Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like I Said, a New Reality

Haaretz editors must be reading my blog. Now I know how Boaz Gaon must feel. From this morning's editorial (the emphasis and link are obviously mine):
Only minutes after praising Theodor Herzl, who in fact knew how to adapt his vision to changing realities, Netanyahu sketched out a diplomatic plan devoid of vision and totally detached from the new reality developing in the region.
Government policy, as expressed in Netanyahu's speech, will end up isolating Israel to a point that it could face economic and cultural sanctions similar to those once imposed on apartheid South Africa. Responsibility for such a crisis will lay squarely on the shoulders of the prime minister and his colleagues at the top of the diplomatic ladder. The price will be paid by the public, partying on a slippery slope.
The sad truth is that it doesn't take reading my blog to figure out what is happening (but please, keep reading!). It's all right there in the open for anybody to see. You just have to be willing to open up your eyes.

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