Sunday, May 22, 2011

So What Changed?

All of a sudden Bibi and Co. are acting as if everything is hunky dory and they have no problem with Obama or his 1967 borders! To hear them tell it, Bibi stared Obama down, who then changed his "tone." Watch or read Obama's address to AIPAC and judge for yourself.

So what really changed? What changed is that Obama refused to back down and Bibi realized he had badly miscalculated. An Obama adviser told the NY Times that Obama did not believe that Bibi would ever make the necessary compromises for peace. Understanding the Obama was willing to fight and seeing the writing on the wall, Bibi was soon backtracking and spinning.


  1. Meanwhile J Post reports Netanyahu was "surprised" by Obama's '67 borders talk--just like he was surprised in '09 by the call for settlement freeze.

    The narratives continue: 1. Bibi wins; 2. Bibi's reaction blown out of proportion by media; 3. Bibi's surprised.

  2. And what does Obama "really mean" when he says 1967 borders with swaps?