Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two for Tuesday

Just so you don't think my ramblings are the result of eating too many Carson's ribs as a kid, here's some commentary from two Blue and White blooded Israelis about Bibi's American Tsunami, touching upon the dual themes of the day - congressional reaction and the anachronism of the current debate.

Akiva Eldar:
Netanyahu proved that he has no Israeli equal when it comes to plucking the strings of American patriotism, of guilt feelings over the Holocaust, and most of all, of the wish of Congress members to preserve their close ties with the large Jewish organizations. Lest we forget, the strength of the applause bears no relation to the genuine interests of the State of Israel.
The speech-making of recent days has been entirely removed from reality and as such, the chances are slim, if any, that it will lead to any change.

Gideon Levy:
The fact that the Congress rose to its feet multiple times to applaud him says more about the ignorance of its members than the quality of their guest's speech. An Israeli presence on the Jordan River - cheering. Jerusalem must remain the united capital of Israel - applause. Did American's elected representatives know that they were cheering for the death of possibility? If America loved it, we're in big trouble.
It was a 1970s show. Maybe back then people still bought the piles of pretty, wise words shoveled by a peace-loving Israeli prime minister.

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